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Each year, VISION takes on a different theme upon which we build our program. The theme for VISION 2017 is Tenacity. By definition, tenacity refers to the act of gripping onto something firmly. Moving past its literal meaning, however, the word also represents the strength to move forward and accomplish future goals given one’s ties to the past and present. Throughout the weekend, we will hold workshops that explore how tenacity can be used to symbolize not only perseverance, but also acknowledgment of how our rich, cultural roots play a role in the decisions we make. We hope to instill the same kind of resilience in our participants by encouraging our mentees to uncover their unique strengths and weaknesses, forge connections between their cultural past and future, and foster lasting bonds that will extend beyond this program.

Although the program is very young, over the past five years we have created a tightknit VISION family network comprised of inspiring high school students, college students, and alumni. Many of our past mentees have gone on to start their own clubs in high school, become organizers and activists, and return as mentors, volunteers, or even UC Berkeley incoming freshmen. VISION isn’t just a program, it’s a family of talented, hardworking, and passionate individuals that’s always looking to grow.

We are looking for high school, college students, and alumni to be a part of our program.

Mentee: any high school students from grades 9-12 can apply. You DO NOT need to identify as Vietnamese to apply. We are open to students from all backgrounds.
Mentor: any college student, or recent grad can apply. Again, you DO NOT need to identify as Vietnamese to apply.
Volunteer: any high school, or college student. We need people to help with housing, transportation, and tasks throughout the weekend.



DEADLINE: Friday, February 24th at 11:59 pm PST.


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