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VISION Committees

Here are the different committees that are behind VISION and some of the duties they entail.

  • Organize VISION Banquet
  • Create the Closing Slideshow
  • Mentor – Mentee gift giving
  • Responsible for decorations for all the events
  • Organize bonding events, if any, for program
  • Plan Thursday night activities
  • Organize Open Mic
  • Ask for food donations
  • Responsible for planning all meals for VISION (4-day, 3-night)
  • Raise money for VISION
  • Help treasurer with grant writing
  • Allocate money within VISION
Housing and Transportation
  • Organize all housing and transportation for VISION attendees (mentees and mentors)
  • Schedule outreach at different schools
  • Contact schools
  • Compile school list
  • Create a presentation (powerpoint) for outreach
  • Recruit people to outreach
  • Run outreach workshops
  • Create fliers
  • In charge of all designs
  • T-shirts
  • Finalize VISION logo
  • In charge of all social media
  • Website
  • Facebook page
  • Create a promotion video for VISION
  • Plan funshops
  • Plan workshops
  • Book rooms
  • Find facilitators

If you have any questions, feel free to contact

  • Hien Nguyen and Christie Ngo, VISION 2017 Directors

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