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Fall 2016 Cabinet

Cal VSA is overseen by a cabinet of elected officers who each contributes to our overall operations and growth. Cabinet is responsible for making sure that all of our members have an enjoyable and rewarding experience in Cal VSA. At the end of each semester, members deliberate and vote during elections to determine the new Cabinet.

Visit our Constitution page for a description of each position’s duties. If you are interested in joining Cabinet, consider participating in our Internship program to help familiarize yourself with the workings of our Cabinet.

Fall 2016 Cabinet

Tien Nguyen | President


Year: 3rd
Major(s): Economics, Asian American Studies (minor)
Why I like VSA: I feel at home at here. The environment and culture created by VSA are truly unique and enjoyable. The people in VSA became my close friends and family. VSA gives me the knowledge, connection, and strength to survive in Berkeley.

Alyssa Nguyen | External Vice President


Year: 3rd
Major(s): Interdisciplinary Studies
Why do you like VSA?: I like VSA because I love all the social events that happen, and how they connect to the greater southeast community!

Hoa Nguyen | Internal Vice President


Year: 3rd
Major(s): Social Welfare
Why I like VSA: I made cool friends through VSA!

Nguyen Hoang | Secretary


Year: 2nd
Major(s): Business, Media Studies
Why I like VSA: The thing that I enjoy the most about VSA is the fact that the members are generally kind and dedicated people that genuinely want to get to know each other better and really create strong personal relationships, which makes what we do as a club that much more coordinated, as well as fun.

Academics Chair | Kendra Tran


Year: 3rd
Major(s): Political Science
Why I like VSA: One sure place to find welcoming smiles and helping hands is through Cal VSA! I truly appreciate the programs offered such as ACE, Vision, and Culture Show that provide ways to form close-knit communities and allow me to share the beauty of my Vietnamese heritage.

Chau Pham | Co-Retention Chair


Year: 2nd
Major(s): Integrative Biology
Why I like VSA: I like VSA because it provides me a community. It’s a place where I got to meet my best friends. VSA is my support system.

Christine Nguyen | Co-Retention Chair


Year: 2nd
Major(s): Molecular and Environmental Biology
Why I like VSA: The people are very humble and they make you feel comfortable and my chi is very supportive

Van Nguyen | Co-Culture Show Chair


Year: 3rd
Major(s): Molecular and Cellular Biology (Infectious Diseases Track), Public Health (Double Major)
Why I like VSA: Whether it’s all of the Northern California VSAs or the community I call Culture Show Cast & Crew, I love the opportunities I’ve been given to listen and to learn, to show and to tell about what it means to be Vietnamese/Vietnamese-American.

Jacklin Ha | Co-Culture Show Chair


Year: 3rd
Major(s): Integrative Biology, Asian American and Asian Diaspora Studies (Double Major)
Why I like VSA: Being in VSA has been a great experience so far because it has given me a space to explore the Vietnamese narrative while also being able to share my own narrative as a Vietnamese. Another huge plus to this organization is that I was able to find a family away from home which is a really comforting thought, especially in a high-stress and fast-paced environment such as Cal.

Hien Nguyen | Co-Outreach Chair


Year: 3rd
Major(s): History, Japanese
Why I like VSA: I joined VSA through being a committee member and interning for VISION and I had really good experience. I also made a lot of good friends and learned new things everyday.

Christie Ngo | Co-Outreach Chair


Year: 3rd
Major(s): Nutritional Science, Psychology (Double Major)
Why I like VSA: I like VSA because they are super inclusive and friendly! Even though I’ve only been a part of the organization for a short amount of time, I’ve always felt welcome and comfortable around everyone. I’m excited to make new friendships and strengthen existing ones.

Hoai-Thu Tran | Co-Intercollegiate Council Chair


Year: 2nd
Major: Math
Why I like VSA: I like VSA because the people are very welcoming, happy, and easy to talk to! Also, I enjoy & appreciate the two meaningful events we hold in the spring (culture show & vision)

Vanessa Tsan | Co-Intercollegiate Council Chair


Year: 2nd
Major(s): Nutritional Science
Why I like VSA: I met my chi in this club and i also got to mentor awesome high schoolers through VISION.

Tony Vien | Finance Chair


Year: 2nd
Major(s): Pre-Haas
Why I like VSA: LOL

Mymy Guiang | Publicity Chair


Year: 3rd
Major(s): Public Health, Social Welfare (Double Major)
Why I like VSA: I love how welcoming and easy-going people in VSA are! It was here that I found some of the chillest and supportive people I know.

Marlon Gonzalez | Co-Historian


Year: 4th
Major(s): Geography, Public Policy (minor)
Why I like VSA: I really enjoy VSA because of the friends I’ve met through joining Culture Show and the bonds you make with people through the performance! Plus, you don’t have to be Vietnamese to join!

Amy Pham | Co-Historian


Year: 3rd
Major(s): Political Economy
Why I like VSA: With each passing semester, the VSA family continues to grow. As old faces move on to bigger and better things, new faces always appear. This is why I love VSA – we are ever changing, ever growing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way