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Anh Chi Em Program

Cal VSA applications to become an/a anh/chi/em for the Spring 2017 semester are officially open!

Cal VSA’s ACE (anh/chi/em or big brother/big sister/little in English) program is one of the pillars of our community.

Ever wanted an/a anh/chi at Cal? Someone you could look up to for guidance, someone who will support you and help you become who you want to be? Or maybe you’re an older student, looking to take a cute em under your wing and show them the amazing things you’ve experienced here at Cal?

Then click on the link below and apply now!

Anh Chi Em Application

All anh/chi/em will be placed into one of our four families (Air, Water, Earth, Fire) which will host fun events and compete against one another throughout the semester.

You don’t have to be an/a anh/chi/em to be a family member, simply answer the appropriate question on the form available at the link above and you can join a family (without being a part of the ACE program)

Applications are due February 23, 2017.