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Cal VSA has many programs that aim to promote our values and to have fun while doing so. Here are a few of our biggest programs:

General Meetingsgeneral-meeting

We have at least one general meeting each month in order to let everyone know what’s happening in Cal VSA, to get to know everyone, and to enjoy each other’s company. Our general meetings usually include food and a fun activity. Come out to our general meetings to meet other members and to have a good time!

Family Events


Family events are smaller, more intimate gatherings that aim to let family members bond more easily. Our families are smaller groups of Cal VSA members. You can sign up for a family at our First General Meeting of the semester or you can simply go to any family event to join. Our family events in the past have included home-cooked meals, scooter riding, hikes, lantern parades, light painting, and more! Feel free to come to any family event, regardless of whether or not you signed up for a family!

Our family system includes the Anh Chị Em(Big/Little) program.



Our internship program is for Cal VSA members that are interested in learning more about how our Cabinet works or are interested in being a part of the planning that goes into our events. Interns are considered a part of Cabinet and will be given an opportunity to attend Cabinet meetings, assist in planning events, and shadow Cabinet members. Become an intern if being a general member is not enough for you!

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Culture Show

culture-showEvery Spring, Cal VSA puts on our Culture Show, an annual theatrical student production that allows participants to express themselves creatively and develop new bonds in the show community while learning about Vietnamese history and culture. Held in Zellerbach Hall, it is the second-longest running cultural show on campus. There are many ways you can be a part of Culture Show. Whether it is acting, singing, performing, or planning, we have a spot for you! Join CORE, the special year-long committee behind Culture Show, if you want an opportunity to develop your leadership skills. Audition for a role in the show in the Spring if you are looking to showcase (or develop) your talents on-stage. Or just come enjoy the show and celebrate with us!

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VISION is our annual mentorship program held in the Spring. VISION is a multi-day, all-expense paid program for high school students that focuses on different themes relevant to the Vietnamese American experience. The highlight of VISION is the opportunity for participants to watch our annual Culture Show in order to reinforce the themes presented during the program. Join one of the various VISION committees or become a mentor to help make VISION an amazing experience for high school students!

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Study Tables

study-tablesStudy tables is a space for studying that is usually held once every week on Sunday. We reserve rooms on campus and bring snacks and drinks to try to make studying less painful. Though we will be having much fun, we also need to do well in school. Come to study tables and study with us. You might even meet a friend or two that can help you study!

Sign up for our emailing list to find where study tables are at:

                                                                                                                                                                               Lion DanceLion Dance

Cal VSA has a year-round lion dance team. Lion dance is a form of traditional dance in many Asian cultures, such as Vietnamese and Chinese, which incorporates basic martial arts movements. The lion dance is usually performed around New Year’s and often at weddings because the lion is said to bring good luck and dispel evil spirits. Though a tradition that has spanned for thousands of years, the lion dance is still performed to this day.

Contact Andy Le or Huy Ha if you’d like to join Lion Dance!