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Spring 2012

President: Ryan Quan
Internal Vice President: Emily Khuc
External Vice President: Diana Duong
Academic Chair: Nhat-Thanh Nguyen
Culture Co-Chairs: Vivian Vo and Rich Nam
Intercollegiate Council Representatives: Vickie Tran Duong and Theresa M Hoang
Publications Chair: Dung Hoang Le
Publicity Chair: Diana Tran
Retention Chair: Jason Huynh
Retention Co-Chair: Khoa Dao
Secretary: Sally Le
Treasurer: Nghia-Piotr Le
Web Administrator: Andre T. Nghiem

Family Head: Candace Nhung Le
Interns: June Jiao, Nhi Nguyen, Lien Nguyen, Rebecca Shirsat, Richard Tran, and Janet Ying